At Burton Business Consulting we provide a range of services that will help you to focus, prioritise and perform at your peak, enriching your life and your business.

We work with our clients across all aspects of their business performance and create a tailored solution to ensure that you get the results you require from working with us.

Business Analysis
and Recovery

At Burton Business Consulting we work with you to get under the skin of your business and to look at every angle so that we can work out the roadblocks to your success and put in place strategies to power through them.
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From Usain Bolt to Steve Jobs, the best of the best understand the power of working with a great coach. From external perspective to ongoing support, a dedicated coach will help you to reach and maintain peak professional performance.
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Everyone needs a sounding board, a sense check, an advisor who has walked the walk and can pass on invaluable experience to help you to remain on the path to success and to help you define and execute your long-term strategy.
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You have your strategy, you have defined your goals and it is now time to ensure that everyone on your team in aligned and ready to achieve success. At Burton Business Consulting we can facilitate team strategy sessions that will empower your people to create success.
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Speaking and

From strategy, motivation and sales skills, Burton Business Consulting has a team of professional presenters and speakers who can create compelling programs to help you as you lead your business. Let our experts work with you to deliver programs to drive change.
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Marilyn was an incredible coach. She took the time to understand every facet of my business and always provided relevant examples and information specifically related to my business to ensure I could implement her strategies quickly and efficiently, without confusion.

Donna Guyler

Donna Guyler Interior Design

How we work

Working with a coach, mentor or advisor is a big decision and we are committed to helping you, but only if it is the right thing for you and for us.

That’s why we offer a free 45-minute consultation where we can discover more about each other and whether we are the right fit to embark on your performance transformation.

Following on from the initial consultation we will work with you on our 90 Day Acceleration Program where you will have 1:1 personal access to Burton Business Consulting’s Marilyn Burton who will be your coach, guide, mentor and strategist.

Comprising weekly meetings, outside of business hours, the accelerator will give you simple, yet highly powerful strategies that will help you to transform your business. With an emphasis on growth, targets, metrics and accountability, we know that in 90 days we can transform your business and set you up for your best ever year in business.

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