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Investing in your development, measuring your success.

As a business coach it is essential that I take the time to invest in my personal development so that I stay across the latest trends, techniques and strategies to help my clients to have their best ever year in business. But it is essential that when you do take the time to be part of a personal development programme that you make sure that you do two things:

  1. Identify the core takeaways that you have from participating
  2. Put in place and action plan to ensure that takeaways become long term actions

Last week I took the time to take part in Renee Hassledene’s Signature System Programme in Melbourne, an two day investment in my skills as a coach and mentor. So how will I hold myself to account for making the most of this investment? Simple by doing what I have said above and focusing on the takeaways and creating a plan of attack.

So, what did I learn:

  1. I came away with a product which is what the course promises – my investment hit my expectations
  2. The ease with which the process ran I wasn’t convinced it was going to be so simple but the guidance given was superb and on point – my decision to invest was met with care and quality
  3. The “use” of the brainstrust ( other participants) their feedback and constructive criticism was extremely valuable  – we took advantage of collective expertise and wisdom
  4. The benefits of presenting each signature as we created it and culminating in the presentation of the entire system – we learned, adapted and improved
  5. The positive innovative environment that the group and Renee, Stevie and the team provided with  fantastic help and input where needed – our collective culture helped us to succeed.

I’m sure there was much more but they are my key takeways and they can be seen as a simple checklist for any investment you make in yourself and your skills.

As for point 2, developing my action plan – well whilst the world goes Christmas crazy, I will be using my down time to relax, enjoy the season with my loved ones, but critically to plan my approach for taking my Signature System to the works and helping my clients turn 2019 into their best ever year in business.

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