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With global experience, local knowledge, networks and resources, Burton Business Consulting have a proven track record of working with businesses at every stage of their development to generate outstanding strategies that drive results and success.

I specialize in working with owners and founders to have their best year every year in business. This involves creating the goals, setting the objectives and implementing the plans that drive revenue, growth and success. I then work with businesses to build on this initial acceleration to ensure long-term success. And our processes and people really work. From across the US, New Zealand and Australia, I have a long list of clients who have reaped the significant rewards associated with working with myself, Burton Business Consulting.

Meet Marilyn Burton

Unlike many business consultants Marilyn Burton talks the talks, because she has walked the walk. Marilyn has done the hard yards growing multiple successful business In Australia, New Zealand and the USA, by doing what comes naturally to her; planning, developing systems and implementing processes focused on one thing; business growth. After buying her first business at 18, turning it around in 12 weeks and exiting for a profit, Marilyn realised that she had a gift for understanding a business and the methods to achieve success. She then turned this passion into a career which has seen her travel the globe helping businesses to be successful. Now located on the Gold Coast, Marilyn works with a select group of clients as a mentor, advisor and strategist, helping them to achieve the goals that they have for their business. She has a 100% success rate and works with businesses of all scales, from early stage start-ups through to multi-million-dollar turnover corporations. Marilyn is also a noted author, respected keynote speaker and expert facilitator.

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Choosing an Advisor

So how do you choose an Advisor who is right for you?

What should I look for?

First and foremost, you need to look for a coach that has walked the walk and preferably across a variety of industries. Their ability to be able to coach you and keep you accountable. What is their story? Find a coach that offers a free first consultation to ascertain amongst all other facts if you’re a good fit for each other. Does the coach have success stories? Are they someone with whom you can talk to honestly and know they will give you a frank response? After all this is your business you want to grow. The coach as well as being knowledgeable must have the ability to also take the hard-line approach if that’s what’s required to keep you on track. Does the coach keep themselves current with new business practices? Lastly does your coach exude a passion for teaching/coaching you and celebrating in your success. A lot can be gained from your first free consultation.

How do I find one that suits me?

Research the coach and meet with them. That first meeting can tell you a lot about how you will work together. What their knowledge is of your industry. Can they add the value you are seeking? Do your personalities gel, this is important. Treat it like a first date, would you want to see this person again. Are they transparent? Will they keep you accountable? Are you on the same page? Ask all the questions you need to. A good coach will answer and not become defensive. They understand it is as important for you as for them that there’s a mutual respect and alignment.

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