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Being in business is tough. But you know that.

As a business owner and leader, you are an expert at what you do, but sometimes even the best need support. Someone who can work alongside you to ensure that you get from your business the rewards and lifestyle that you deserve. A trusted advisor who has walked in your shoes and is purely focused on helping you to define, deliver and benefit from your best ever year in business. At Burton Business Consulting, I am that trusted advisor who has been where you are and felt your pain and frustrations and the endless hours when you wonder is it all worth it. I will work with you to work on your business, not in your business, and the results will be amazing.

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At Burton Business Consulting we provide a range of services that will help you to focus, prioritise and perform at your peak, enriching your life and your business.

We work with our clients across all aspects of their business performance and create a tailored solution to ensure that you get the results you require from working with us. As a business leader or owner, we can help you with:

Business Analysis
and Recovery

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We also provide key services across the whole of your business to help you to engage your teams, empower them and ensure that they are working with you to achieve your goals:


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and Presenting

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Projects and Clients

Our clients are what drives our success and we take great pride in working with each business owner to truly transform their business.

But don’t take our word for it, find out what our clients have to say about the Burton Business Consulting approach to business transformation, because after all they are the ones most qualified to comment, they are having their best ever year in business.

If you’re wanting to prosper in your business, grow your brand, communicate better with both your customers and staff and allow yourself to work more ON your business, rather than IN it… then would strongly recommend you work with Marilyn. You will not regret it.

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